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Virtual Trade Monitor


It is based on the great work of the A. Samirs indicator. I wanted to apply some small changes to A. Samirs indicator and ended up in an complete rewrite, featuring some nice extras like:


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1.?Virtual Trade Monitor ?MetaTrader indicator a really excellent and simple indicator that may help you
1. AutoDetectPairs (true/false). If set to true, the Virtual Trade Monitor will test,
if your broker supports the original currency pair set or the alternative and selects the appropriate one.
If set to false it will use the alternative (IBFX) pairs, but you can overwrite them under “Custom Sell Pairs” and “Custom Buy Pairs”.
Which pairs are currently used is shown in brackets in the line below “Virtual Trade Monitor” (near the top right corner of the chart)

2. ShowJumps (true/false). If set to true, the jumps will be shown visually by lines and arrows.1. Auto-Detection of supported pairs by your broker

1. Auto-Detection of supported pairs by your broker
2. Support for odd broker symbols (like “USDCHFm” etc.)
3. Visual jumping pair display (really cool)
4. Jump pair info (which par, from slot/to slot, time passed since jump)
5. Calc takes now spreads into account
6. Sums of Buy/Sell pairsThis is maybe one of the most important features of the Virtual Trade Monitor, as it shows

how the pairs are moving after the jump!

3. DisplayJumpInfo (true/false). If set to true Virtual Trade Monitor will show below the sums of the sell/buy pairs extra informations about the last jump.
Especially the time that passed since the jump happened (e.g. if you don’t sit in front of your computer all the time).
In combination with the ShowJumps setting, it is a nice tool to monitor the movement of jumping pairs.

4. ShowJumpAlert (true/false). If set to true, you’ll will be informed about every jump through an alert box (with sound).

5. ShowBaskedBackground (true/false). If set to true, the background of the basket indicator will be colored in red (sell pairs) and green (buy pairs).
This is just to give a better visual impression and makes it easier to differ between the upper “sell zone” and the lower “buy zone”.
You can of course set it to false to turn the background shading off.

6. Custom SELL pairs and Custom BUY pairs can be used only if AutoDetectPairs is set to false! By default the alternative set of pairs is used,
but you can put in your own pairs of course.

Make sure you have activated Chart Shift